July 23, 2024 11:07 pm

 Welcome to Candle.

Meet your new

job finder, skills coach, career agent.

 Welcome to Candle.

Meet your new job finder, skills coach and career agent.

job finder, skills coach, career agent.

A career agent for everyone.

Candle helps individuals learn and earn more using continuous, personalized guidance and intelligence.

A Career Coach.

Employed or looking for your next adventure? Get timely personalized news, advice and assistance at every turn.

Paths to Skills.

Candle understands your journey, providing learning aligned with career & earning goals.

Work, Delivered.

Constant well-matched work opportunity delivered, maintaining privacy and confidentiality.


Web3 ecosystem delivers solutions that respect the security, privacy & sovereignty of modern talent.

Better candidates. Less work.

More than metadata.

Talent development and recruiting is a hot mess. With Candle, employers get better matches with less work.

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Maximizing your opportunity in the digital economy.

We are on a mission to transform opportunity for everyone with a unique A.I. platform that puts the power of a 24/7 career assistant into the hands of talent, globally.



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